We Are On A Mission…

To Change The Way We Work…

Modern Brands bridges the gap between fashion design and technology… making it easier, faster, and more cost-effective for brands, design professionals and factories to make fashion products. 

We know that apparel production is only as good as pre-production. We also know that it is an immense amount of work… work that often times leads to mistakes, missed deliveries and broken hearts ( or should we say bank accounts).

We know that successful fashion brands create blocks, libraries, and hold an immense amount of propriety IP… which is what helps them move faster and make things for less up-front cost.

Imagine if you had that IP at your fingertips? Imagine if you could go to production in minutes instead of weeks.

We designed, sourced, costed, sketched, techpacked, patterned, graded and 3D mocked over a thousand styles so that you could do just that.

That’s right, we just up and did the work for you.

And we’re still going… Every week we add new designs, new contributing members, new fabrics, new trims, new production partners.

We want the fashion industry to be an open book… so we made it one.

Become A Member.

When you become a Modern Brands Member ,
you become a better fashion business.

Because you never have to start from scratch again.

If you need a spec for a new style? Yay-they are free!
Maybe you need a graded pattern. We got em (by the truckload).

What if you want a custom print designed, or you want to edit a styleblock to have a different neckline, or longer sleeves perhaps?… You can easily order it from our design studio and a skilled designer will do the work for you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what a style costs in China vs India… we have all the costing estimates done… you can choose the country and materials that suit your needs.

We created the platform that we wished we had.
We are here for you… with a modern way to design.

A Fashion Product Development Platform

The first open-source platform that connects the digital and physical elements of fashion design, development and production (construction, sourcing, fit and fabric) in one easy to manage end to end process


Style Blocks

Powerful trendy style templates that can take you to production in minutes instead of weeks.

Design Studio

Build your brand your way with our flexible services and programs tailored to meet your design and development needs.

Digital Downloads

Instantly download digital design files in common formats for your team, vendor or factory. 


Our technology makes it easy for anyone to create high quality fashion products.