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As a brand you are not only selling products, you are telling a story. A story that connects with others and gives them that extra something that makes them feel great about making a purchase.

At Modern Brands, we have seen first hand how many brands have spent more money than they needed to, or who have taken too long to get to market. Sometimes they just get lost in the amount of information and coordination it takes to design and produce a single product.

A typical brand will spend 2K to 7K per style, usually starting from scratch on every style. Many brands run out of money before they launch. Others may have a huge initial success, but then quickly realize that their pre-production is getting in the way of their deliveries.

We recommend you start here:

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      • Sign up for the Partner Program to get organized and scale your existing pre-production and production supply chains.
      • Use our Style Blocks and get 90% pre-developed and pre-sourced global products in 10 minutes instead of the typical 10 weeks.





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