You’re a designer seeking a “better way”.

Build your brand with us.

It doesn’t matter if you just started or you have been in the industry for years… you know that things need to change. The pressure to get to market quickly… the actual need to have every style “perfect” before signing off on the production… It’s enough to make you wonder if maybe your parents were right, you should have gone into finance.

Before you go and change career directions… we would love for you to give Modern Brands a chance. We are designers, pattern-makers and product developers ourselves, and we built this because we know what it is like to be you!

Modern Brands gives you the ability to design and produce trend-driven fashion collections in 90% less time. Our style blocks are fit approved in both the physical and the digital realm. We painstakingly go thru the process to create all the design documents that you need to blend the style blocks seamlessly into your current workflow.

We recommend you start here:

    • Become a Premium Member to have access to all of the most fashionable style blocks.
    • Download Design Files like Techpacks or Patterns in standard file types to edit to your desired look and fee.
    • Use our Design Studio to help you with the parts of the product the development process that you do not want to do.





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