You’re a brand, and your audience wants more…

modern brands black woman red dress

Build your brand with us.

As an influencer, you are naturally creative. You are great at crafting an aesthetic and building trust within your community.

When it comes to starting a brand, you want to do it right, but after a bit of  research, you have realized that the path to production is not as clear cut as your thought.

Sure, you could screen-print some tees, or place an order for fast fashion styles from sites like Ali-express, but these options seem too basic, and you want the quality and the sizing to work for your audience.

Modern Brands gives you the opportunity to design and produce clothing that you can be proud to put your name on… and feel confident about posting.

We recommend you start here:

      • Become a Premium Member to have access to all of the most fashionable style blocks.
      • Purchase a sample of your design to promote and/or start a pre-sell campaign on your media channels.
      • Sign up for the Launch Program to get some extra help with your branding and go-to-market strategy.





    modern brands black woman red dress