“We have re-imagined our business to serve our customers better.”

Hello World Fashion was started on a whim — an opportunity to turn what I had built for the company I worked for previously and merge it with something I had been passionate about my entire life.  It was my opportunity to start my own business.

It started when the company I worked for failed.  Instead of going on un-employment  I bought the sample room that I had built for them, took on a few staff members that were also going to be laid off, and moved  the entire unit down the street into my very own design studio. I invested all of my savings, and simply hit the ground running- knowing that I would figure it out as I went.

I had one mission that I wanted to accomplish when I starting out — build fashions brands that succeed.

I knew that even large brands were struggling with issues of getting their products to market. Starting a fashion brand was so hard, expensive, and time consuming… I thought I could turn it into a better experience. We wanted to offer the newest technology to our clients, but blend it with a large helping of plain ol’ common sense. (Things that I had learned over the last 15 years working in the fashion industry.) The secret to success in this industry is to  get quality designs to market faster, for less money, and less effort.

We still have this mission… we want to build fashion brands that succeed. We just want to do the “faster, cheaper, easier” part in a better way, and we will do it in a way that allows for quality, sustainability, and innovation.

In the last two years of intense work with our customers, digging into their needs for their brands, we have learned so much.  The amazing SDK joined our team as our technology co-founder, Hello World Fashion re-branded to Modern Brands  and we are so happy to bring to you a new way to do business in fashion.

Read on to see some of the things we have learned in the last two years- and what we are doing in Modern Brands today…


Many new brands simply do not know what it takes to get a product to market.



An interactive series that guides you thru the process of design and development and links you directly to the each service for each step. The services are transparently priced and our team is trained to work together to give you the control and freedom to go at your own pace for your budget. We even offer small batch production orders to help you get your brand off the ground.

Build From a Style Block  — COMING SOON! We were constantly getting asked by customers if we had designs they could just use, as if there was some “custom design closet” in the back and we could just pull a ready to manufacture garment off the shelf. I mean, it sounds great… its just not the way its usually done. We understand why brands asked!  They are looking to by-pass the time and cost of  the design and development process. It is expensive and difficult to build it all from scratch! We have an amazing technology solution for this that allows our clients to design and develop a full fashion brand instantly and gives them a push button to production option. Our technology will reduce cost, time, and effort – giving all brands the ability to work like Zara no matter their size.


People need more than “services” to start a brand.

When it comes to building a brand- there is no “one size fits all” strategy. Our clients are serious about starting their business and realize that if they are going to succeed in this competitive environment they need more than just a  design, pattern and a techpack. We  have built out some subscription options in MODERN BRANDS to give our clients the ongoing support they really need while they build and scale their business.



Our Partner Program is an intensive 3 to 6-month engagement that helps you start, scale and succeed at a brand launch or scaling your current product base. We offer you guidance on brand and business strategy,  on your product assortment, and we execute so that you can focus on what is really important- sales! Our program gives you a giant boost in the backend, and a crash course on supply chain management so you can hit the ground running and build the brand of your dreams.

The Made to Order/ Made to Measure Program — How would you like to offer made to order /measure products to your customers, at your website checkout, and not have the headache to make them or ship them?  We built this subscription to service small to midsize clients who do not have the capability to build out their own on-demand supply chain or pay for an expensive fulfillment center. We essentially rent you “capacity” in our sample room, and manage everything… your materials inventory, your ordering process, and your shipping so that you will never have to be the one sewing, or shipping your product again. This subscription is here to help you grow- and will enable you to invest in the least amount of  inventory possible while offering an amazing experience to your customers!


People need help with understanding and integrating technology.

The fashion industry is in the middle of a technology revolution.  New ways of selling to customers, new ways of creating/developing products and new ways sourcing and procuring products have all become part of this new world.  Today, every brand is an e-commerce brand and every brand that wants to stay relevant will have to implement some sort of  technology  into their  operational business strategy in the next 5 years.



Website / Ecommerce Integrations — Let us set up or integrate your website. We help put your products directly into your site, work with you to improve your SEO and offer to help integrate any of our other affiliates where appropriate.

Technology Integrations — Let us help you by introducing you and integrating any of our affiliate technology companies into your supply chain. We currently have relationships with MANUFACTURED.COM, BESPOKIFY, BROWZWEAR, and TUKKATECH and can help build out a specialized solution for your brand.